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Yep...This will be a difficult person to write a bio on. She is the girl who wanted purple hair but ended up with black hair. Makes sence? Of course not it's Niki for god sake.
Niki is one of my true friends she has helped me overcome fears, problems, and umm...alright, I am kind of lieing. If you ever see Niki you will probaly not realize it is her. She is a fly on a wall and has a million faces. So, my point being stated SHE IS THE GIRL WITH A MILLION FACES. The smiles, the laughter, the innocense, a prefect miss.America.yeah, right... I have no idea why I am rambling on about her but she is a great person to work with and always does a fantastic job.
ok this is niki talking hi wow i have so little to say ok well me and XZA are good friends and we have worked hard to get this far so dont screw us over ok!
bio on niki
name- Nicole "niki"
from- russia(cough, cough..liar)
talents- singing,acting,and i play drums
pet peeves- sam and preps
enjoys- sleeping surfing tantrick sex
fav bands-  ~weezer~ afi ac/dc korn fourgoten sons losing team
family- adam, ashley, dalton, taylor
fav animal- duck
fav bath toy- soap