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We received hundreds of contest of the month applications the only problem was only 12 of you sent in your demos! Hmmm…I think some of you need to read the directions a little more carefully next time. The bands that won are; Losing Team, Fourgotten Sons, Where Death Installed You, and Morrison Poe! We also have a lot of new “children.” In the past month we have given birth to 28 more bands! We are always looking to help more bands so don’t hesitate to contact us! Okay?

New news...Last night I went to a kick ass show featuring local talent!!! It was great. I lost my voice(partly), my back hurts from being thrown but its all good!!! It was a great atmosphere and I am thrilled that there is some local talent.yeah!!! We are gonna bring you guyz some great new bands. And even though our lawyers have advised us not to tell you who they are I think we will....umm..okay maybe not we just like to build up your excitment!All I can tell you that the bands are no short of brilliant! Our annual show will be moved to September this year but we should be having a show in July just for the heck of it!Sounds good?
later dayz,

We are running our contest of the month right now and it is going so well!!! We are having such a great responce to it that we have decided to give away five(5) 12 month contracts instead of one(1)!!!Arent we nice?I thought you would like that. We have gave birth to another generation of Independent Nobody bands please go to the featured bands page to check oue newest bands out!