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Independent Nobody


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Here is a brief history of INDEPENDENT NOBODY.

 INDEPENDENT NOBODY was started to help my friends get record deals and since I was born into the music industry I decided what better way to help them then start my own company. On a cold winter day back in 2002 myself and Jessica Laing started INDEPENDENY NOBODY. After about a month of being in business we had 30 bands wanting to work with us. We became overwhelmed and ended up hiring two new people to help us on the account that we were getting paid by the bands. That is when are fees started to come in. We never wanted to charge bands for our services so we decided only to charge for our expenses such as gas money, shipping, and merchandise.  By the end of 2002 we had well over 50 bands that we were helping world wide some of which we still help to this day. From 2002 to 2003 we had to eliminate some of the bands that were not putting in enough time, and effort into there bands. In mid 2003 we started working with brands such as; Spy, Arnette, Paul Frank, Hello Kitty, Volcom, and a few others. In December 2003 I moved back to Palm Desert, California. I met my now best friend Niki and we decided to run INDEPENDENT NOBODY together. Since Niki and I started working together we have had the pleasure of working with great bands such as AFI, Nine Inch Nails, Stalling Dawn, Grape Vine, The Deaths,  Authority Zero, Adelayda, The Offspring and many others!